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One of the most significant elements that makes the Berry Insurance Group different from the rest, is our determination to offer alternatives from traditional plans. We are committed to our mission that we will offer plans which will provide better coverage and improved access to healthcare while making the options affordable. And that is exactly what we do every day.

Health Insurance Made Simple.

Insurance plans can be difficult to understand even if they are explained well.  We make it simple to understand and easy for you to choose a plan tailored to your needs and at a cost you can afford.  Insurance should not be more than your rent or mortgage.

The Berry Insurance Group Specializes in ...

Group Health

The Berry Inusrance Group has been offering “alternatives” to businesses for several years that actually can improve healthcare and reduce costs with our Funding Advantage Plans, we can offer small employers (2 to 50 employees) the similar advantages large corporations enjoy with even better access and coverage.

Individual & Family

Life is tough enough without adding the stress of not being covered in case you or a family member gets sick or is injured. We understand the challenges of affordability and protection and we can tailor a plan to fit your budget and provide coverage should the unthinkable happen. Protection that can change as your family grows and your requirements for coverage changes.

65+ Plans

If you are caught in a situation where you lose employer provided health insurance, retire early, or otherwise have a gap before your Medicare benefits will begin, a Short Term Insurance plan may a great solution. We have options for limited benefit coverage that provides the safety net at an affordable cost. Plan have options for different levels of coverage for terms from one to twelve months.

Dental & Vision

The Berry Insurance Group does offer a very good dental insurance plan with a vision option, through Spirit Dental using the Ameritas Dental Network. Spirit Dental has next day coverage for all plans, 3 cleanings per year paid at 100%, no waiting period for services and options for $1200 and $3500 total annual benefit. For more information and plan costs click on the Learn More button below.

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