Individual & Family

Health Insurance

Life is tough enough without adding the stress of not being covered in case you or a family member gets sick or is injured. We understand the challenges of affordability and protection and we can tailor a plan to fit your budget and provide coverage should the unthinkable happen. Protection that can change as your family grows and your requirements for coverage changes.

Short Term Insurance

The Berry Insurance Group offers short term Insurance from top rated carriers in order to obtain the best possible coverage at competitive rates.
Life happens and often these changes can cause gaps in coverage, a new job with a 60 or 90 day wait before you get on the group plan. Loss of a job, going to part time employment, a strike, children age off parents plans, new business startups, marriage or divorce are just some of examples.

Short term plans can provide affordable coverage for periods of one to twelve months while providing limited benefits at significantly lower cost while you go through the transition. Click on the icon below for more information or a quote.

Zero Deductible Insurance

Most people were never aware that (Italics or highlighted) Zero Deductible Insurance even existed, but The Berry Insurance Group has got you covered. These plans are alternatives which allow you to actually get first dollar benefits without paying a deductible. You go to the doctor the plan pays a flat amount for the visit directly to the doctor if he is in network or you can submit an itemized receipt for reimbursement. The amount of the benefit differs with which of 5 plans you choose. Plans start at about $80.00 per month for an individual between 18 and 39 years old. Click on the icon below for a quote and plan information.

Alternative to Individual & Family Health Insurance

One of the passions of The Berry Insurance Group is to provide affordable alternatives with better access, lower deductibles at a cost that doesn't cripple your budget or like many "Traditional Plans" force you to go without insurance coverage at all.

Whether you are an individual, a family, or a small business, the exercise is the same: benefits versus cost. The Berry Insurance group is proud to represent and offer OneSource Health as our premier alternative to individuals and families that gives your lower deductibles, low doctor co-pays, and plans that include 100% covered preventatives, one of the largest networks in the US, and several options for premiums that are typcally 30 to 50% less than traditional plans. Some of the reasons for the savings is that these plans do have exclusions for preexisting conditions and maximum lifetime benefits. It is not smoke and mirrors, it is common sense.

Click on the icon below for more plan information and pricing.

Dental & Vision Insurance

In case you were wondering, The Berry Insurance Group does offer a very good dental insurance plan with a vision option, through Spirit Dental using the Ameritas Dental Network. Spirit Dental has next day coverage for all plans, 3 cleanings per year paid at 100%, no waiting period for services and options for $1200 and $3500 total annual benefit. One of the unique features is that the % of coverage for basic, major and orthodontia services increases as of the 1st day of January for each plan year. We may want to talk about a strategy if you are going to need crowns, implants, or extractions in the near future. For more information and plan costs click on the icon below.