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Did your group get a refund last year?

With the remnants of Government Health Reform and a broken health care system that seems to provide less benefits each year for higher cost, the solution for affordable healthcare is not going to come from these institutions or the major health care insurers and their networks.  Innovation, better access, better outcomes and lower costs will come and in fact, are coming from companies that are offering alternatives to the current “system".

The Berry Inusrance Group has been offering “alternatives” to businesses for several years that actually can improve healthcare and reduce costs with our Funding Advantage Plans, we can offer small employers (2 to 50 employees) the similar advantages large corporations enjoy with even better access and coverage.

You Get Money Back!

The concept is simple, you partner in the insurance process by funding a portion of the claim expense up to a pre-determined limit.  If actual claim expenses exceed the pre-determined limit, a stop loss insurance policy reimburses the excess with no additional exposure to you.  If your firm's claim expenses are LESS than the pre-determined limit, you are refunded the difference as pure savings, and then means that you get money back.

Partial Self Funding

Allied National Funding Advantage Plans

Allied National, Inc. is a third party administrator of group and individual benefits. In operation for more than 40 years, Allied is the premier provider of self-funded products for small to mid-size employers.

Funding Advantage is designed as an easy-to-implement and simple-to-administer program to transition employers from fully insured medical plans to the use of self funding in a risk-limited environment. It is also ideal for employers who currently self fund, but want better cash flow protection or better plan administration.

Plan Features

Defined & Contained Risk - The employers' expected and maximum claim exposure is determined up front through the purchase of stop-loss insurance. Standard provisions include coverage for claims paid after the end of the plan year (no terminal liability exposure)

Cash Flow Management - Funding Advantage is a level-funded plan, where the employer pays for their maximum exposure over 12 level monthly payments. This provides maximum stability to the employer with no cash calls or additional funding requirements.

Pre-Packaged Plan - All necessary materials (including the benefit plan design, the ERISA Summary Plan Description, appeals processing, stop-loss insurance and appropriate documentation for all federal filings) are included with Funding Advantage. No additional bank Accounts are required.

Claim Fund - After the claim run-out period, remaining funds are released or rolled over the the next year as a credit. This is the essence of self funding - money not spent on benefits remains with the employer's benefit plan, not the insurance company.

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Direct Primary Care

Caution: You Are Headed ...Outside The Box

We realize the difficulties for employers who provide or share in health benefits for their employees where you are dealing with cost increases that typiclly occur every year.

What is your number, 10%, 20%, 30% or more?

So what are the choices, cut benefits, increase company contributions, raise employee portion of premiums... all of the above?

Maybe it is time to "think outside the box". Maybe there are some options to help control health care costs or at the least, reduce the increases for years to come while improving the overall health of your employees. What would happen if you would use some of the same elements that most likely you and many of your best employees use regularly. Things like, innovation, ingenuity, strategic planning, but with a new direction.


Direct Primary Care is not a new concept, infact it has been successfully implemented in several cities around the country for several years. Now it is alive and growing in Central Indiana and The Berry Insurance Group is one of very few to offer this reality to small and medium sized employers.

DPC is an innovative application of time tested medical common sense to address the steady rise of healthcare premiums for employers. An employer or employee in a DPC arrangement makes a fixed monthly paypment to a doctor's office to have access to primary care health services. There is no insurance involvement. It's a contract between a doctor and the patient to provide all the primary medical services a member and their family needs. Office visits, routine checkups, stitches, simple fractures are all things that can be handled in the DPC office. The scope of services varies by physician practice but often include access to inexpensive drugs and x-rays.

DPC provides members with a one-on-one relationship with their doctor who is often available to them 24/7. Immediate access, better care and a doctor who knows a patient's medical history and spends quality time with that patient are all hallmarks of a DPC practice.

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Fully Funded Group Health Insurance

Some times a group will have employees with health issues or maybe extremely high prescription drug costs, which requires the group to be in a shared risk pool. These pools are designed and priced to spread the claims costs among many people and the reason these plans are more expensive. For these situations we represent the following carriers.

Anthem Blue Cross

Anthem Blue Cross has been one of the most prominent and successful health insurance carriers in the Central Indiana market for close to 100 years and continues to be a staple in the fully funded arena providing competitive rates and predictable benefits.

United Health Care

UHC is a "Rock" for Central Indiana health insurance groups and individuals, and has been as well for many years. United has deep roots in Indiana with extensive networks and excellent service.